Finding Your GRAX Version

The GRAX application currently consists of two major interfaces. The first is the GRAX backend and webapp, which together have a "version" which identifies at which point that application was deployed off of our release channels. Secondarily, the GRAX Managed Package has its own versioning, required by the Salesforce release system. Finding these version numbers can prove critical to the GRAX support process. Here's how you can do that.

GRAX Backend / Webapp Version

Finding the version of your GRAX is extremely simple, as it's displayed on every webapp page.

If you're not logged in, navigate to https://[yourgraxappdomain]/web and check below the login form:

GRAX Version on Login PageGRAX Version on Login Page

If you are logged in, navigate to any major page in the GRAX webapp, and check the bottom left corner:

GRAX Version on App PagesGRAX Version on App Pages

GRAX Managed Package Version

Salesforce has great documentation on how to find information about your installed packages. To learn more, see their related documentation. When reporting the package version to GRAX, please send the "Package Version" value.