Delete Tracking

Delete Tracking gives users the ability to track records that have been deleted through the Salesforce UI, ETL, etc. This means that your GRAX dataset will stay up to date as users or automations remove records from your Salesforce org in between backups.

GRAX only tracks deletes on records which were already backed up to the GRAX data vault.

How do I enable it?

Delete Tracking is enabled by default for all customers to run once per hour.

How Does it Work?

Each hour, an automated GRAX process will look for deleted records across all backed up objects. The Salesforce API will provide a list of deleted records, and GRAX will then flag any records in the vault matching the list provided by Salesforce as Deleted.

GRAX uses this API call to get deleted records and as such will be governed by any limits placed by Salesforce.


Salesforce does not support Content objects (ContentDocument, ContentVersion, or ContentDocumentLink) for this type of delete tracking. The Attachment object, however, is supported.

Click here to see more detailed requirements of objects that Salesforce allows to be tracked as deleted in this manner, which will allow you to determine all objects in your org that can be tracked for deletions by GRAX.