Delete Tracking

GRAX will automatically be able to track records which were backed up via GRAX but then deleted in Salesforce.

What is Delete Tracking?

Delete Tracking gives customers the ability to track deleted records that have been deleted through the UI, ETL, etc. This feature allows GRAX the ability to know records have been deleted in Salesforce, even if they were not deleted by the GRAX Archive functionality.

Viewing Delete Tracking Processes

When accessing the Summary tab within GRAX, you will see a new GRAX Scheduled Process (GSP) for “SFDeleteTracking”. All executions of this process will be displayed as separate executions under this GSP. You will be able to click on the specific execution to view the stats of that process, see below for how to view these processes:

How to view a Delete Tracking process in GRAX and see the number of deleted records captured per object as well as API usage.

Enabling/Disabling Delete Tracking

Delete Tracking is enabled by default for all customers to run once per hour. To disable Delete Tracking, contact [email protected]