Sandbox Seeding

This document contains information on how to use and troubleshoot Sandbox Seeding.

Seeding from Salesforce Report, SOQL Query, CSV, or list

In the Sandbox Seeding menu we match our user interface for "New Archive" and provide users with the ability to select records with the familiar choices of Salesforce Report, SOQL Query, CSV, or list of record IDs. This can be accessed by clicking the "New Sandbox Seeding" button.

New Sandbox Seeding

GRAX Sandbox Seeding will guide you through the steps to seed data to from a source to a destination org.

  1. Select the seeding destination. Clicking this button pops up a modal asking for your target Org Type and Salesforce login information for that org (either OAuth or username, password, and security token).

    Seeding destination
  2. Select the seeding source.

    Seeding Source
  3. Choose seeding options. You can disable automated processes including triggers and field validation. We also provide the option to tune the size of the seeding dataset through the "Maximum Child Levels" feature. The option to include required parent records is a great way to reduce the need to set overrides. It will include only the required parents but not their child records.

    Seeding Options
  4. GRAX will build the graph hierarchy of your records to prepare for seeding to the target org.

    Seeding Graph
  5. You are presented with several options to configure the seed including anonymization, overrides, and skipping records. Objects must reference other objects that are within the seeding data set or you get an error. To resolve this, you must set an override so that object references one that is part of the data set. Overrides are displayed/configured after we fetch the records for seeding.

  6. Review and Seed

    Seeding Review

After clicking "Seed" the GRAX App will prompt you to confirm and warn you if this is a production or trial org. (WARNING: make sure to double check your target org ID)

Seeding In Process

Undo Seed, Seed Again

The "Undo Seed" feature allows you to seed data to a sandbox, do experiments, test things, and then remove the data from the org. Right next to this is the button to "Seed Again" to put a fresh copy of the data back into the sandbox to replay your tests. If you have added child records to a parent that was seeded, you will get an error that we couldn't remove all of the records and a list of records that will need to be manually deleted in Salesforce.

Undo Seed, Seed Again

Seeding from Global Search

A second entry point for Sandbox Seeding is Global Search. When you click on 'Search' in the menu, you can see a table of Global Search jobs.

New Global Search

If you have previously run a Global Search, a table of Global Search jobs is shown. Clicking on the 'Job ID' takes you to the details of a job. If this is your first time using Global Search, click ‘New Global Search’ and run a search to select data for seeding. Within a search job, a ‘Seed Records’ button is available.

Seed From Search

Single Record Seeding

A third method of selecting records for Seeding is the single record seed. This can be accessed from the record details page by clicking on the menu in the header. A modal pops up asking you to enter your credentials and presents a similar workflow as the other methods.

Seed From Search

Seeding Jobs

Prior seeding jobs are shown in the Sandbox Seeding tab of the menu with detailed information on each. In the details of a Seeding job you have the option to seed the data set again.

Seeding Job List


GRAX regularly schedules meetings with customer teams to capture input on functionality and features. Please send all comments, feedback, refinements, or bugs to our Support Team.


Update Software

If you click on Sandbox Seeding in the menu and it prompts you to contact sales, you may need to update your GRAX App. You can do this at Settings -> General Settings -> Update Software.