Connecting Storage

For New GRAX Installs and Changing Containers

There are a couple cases in which you will need to connect GRAX to a longterm storage provider:

  1. New GRAX installations
  2. Changing storage credentials
  3. Moving to a different container/bucket/provider

Regardless of need, the storage configuration is always accessed the same way.

Data Loss and Corruption Possible

Never change your connected storage target in production without consulting with the GRAX support team. Changing the storage target after starting data backups risks corruption and/or loss of the entire dataset. For more information about how GRAX stores your data, see here.

Connecting to Supported Storage

The GRAX application currently supports S3, S3-compatible, Azure Blob, and GCP cloud storage containers. The Storage Settings module allows you to choose the desired platform and adjusts the input form to match.

GRAX Storage Settings PanelGRAX Storage Settings Panel

On AWS, GRAX supports the use of credential-less instance roles by entering no access key or secret via the configuration form. For all other configurations or providers, you'll need access to the storage credentials to fill and save the form. After saving, the app will take a minute or two to reboot and reconfigure.

Once successfully connected, the module will have a green "connected" indicator.

What's Next?

If you've made it here through installing GRAX and connecting to Salesforce, you're now all set to start backing up and harnessing your data. See Auto Backup documentation for more information on getting data backed up to GRAX.

To learn more about archive, restore, and other features of GRAX, see: