Supported Objects

In general, GRAX supports backup of any Salesforce objects that meet all the following criteria:

  1. Queryable
  2. Has at least one 'audit date' field (SystemModstamp, LastModifiedDate, or CreatedDate), and that field is sortable.
  3. The running user (who is loading the list of objects and selecting which to back up) has at least read access to the object.

This covers most Salesforce objects.

Unsupported Objects

Let's take a look at specific objects or categories of objects that GRAX does not currently support. Click the tabs to see a more specific list of object names GRAX does not support backing up.

Unsupported Object Table Notes

The Standard Objects tab in the table below represents standard objects that are not supported for various reasons. Typically, they are not queryable or are not fully supported by the API in some way. Please reach out to GRAX if you have questions about specific objects.

Unsupported Standard Objects

'AccountUserTerritory2View', 'AIMetric', 'AuraDefinitionInfo',
'ContentFolderItem', 'ContentFolderMember', 'EntityDefinition',
'FieldDefinition', 'FlowDefinitionView', 'GroupSubscription',
'FlowVersionView', 'IdeaComment', 'MetadataPackageVersion',
'NetworkUserHistoryRecent', 'PlatformAction', 'RecordRecommendation',
'SearchLayout', 'TwoFactorInfo', 'UserEntityAccess', 'Vote',
'AcceptedEventRelation', 'Address', 'AIApplication',
'AIDataDefinition', 'AIError', 'AIInsightAction', 'AIInsightFeedback',
'AIInsightReason', 'AIInsightSource', 'AIInsightValue',
'AIModel', 'AIModelDefinition', 'AIModelGraph',
'AIPredictionDefinition', 'AIRecordInsight', 'AIState',
'AppTabMember', 'AssistantRecommendation', 'AssistantRecommendationShare',
'AssociatedLocation', 'CaseStatus', 'ChatterMessageThread',
'CollaborationGroupRecord', 'ColorDefinition', 'ConfidenceThresholdConfig',
'ConfidenceThresholdCoverage', 'ContentDocumentSubscription', 'ContentHubItem',
'ContentWorkspace', 'ContentWorkspaceMember', 'ContentWorkspaceDoc',
'ContentWorkspacePermission', 'ContentWorkspaceSubscription',
'ContractStatus','DeclinedEventRelation', 'DirectMessage',
'EinsteinDiscoveryModel', 'EntityParticle', 'FieldHistoryArchive',
'FieldSecurityClassification', 'GroupSubscription',
'IconDefinition', 'KnowledgeArticle', 'KnowledgeArticleVersion',
'ListViewChartInstances', 'Location', 'MetadataPackageVersion',
'NotificationMember', 'OauthToken', 'OrderStatus',
'OwnerChangeOptionInfo', 'PartnerRole', 'Person',
'PicklistValueInfo', 'PredictionDefinition',
'PredictionDefinitionField', 'RelationshipDomain', 'RelationshipInfo',
'S2XEventMap','SelfServiceUser', 'ServiceAppointmentStatus',
'ShiftStatus', 'Site', 'SiteDetail', 'SolutionStatus',
'TaskPriority', 'TaskStatus', 'TenantSecret', 'TwoFactorTempCode',
'UndecidedEventRelation', 'UserAppMenuCustomization', 'UserRecordAccessTaskStatus',
'VisualizationPlugin', 'VisualizationResource',
'VisualizationType', 'WorkOrderLineItemStatus', 'WorkOrderStatus',

Unsupported Standard Big Objects


Unsupported Standard Objects With Prefix


Unsupported Standard Objects With Suffix

'__x'(external objects)
'_hd'(historical trending objects)
'__b'(big objects)
'__mdt'(custom metadata types)

Unsupported Custom Objects With Prefix


Feature-Specific Object Notes

Let's take a deeper look at considerations and support around specific features.

"File" Objects

Some Salesforce objects contain binary fields with base64 encoded data (i.e. files). GRAX supports Attachments, Content (via the linkages amongst ContentDocument, ContentVersion, and ContentDocumentLink), and EventLogFiles. For any other objects that may contain these base64 fields, GRAX may support backing up the other data fields besides the binary, per the rules mentioned above.

Chatter / Feed

GRAX does not support 'feed' objects within an object backup.


FeedAttachment does not have an audit date field and thus is not supported. This object is a junction between FeedItem and ContentVersion. You will still be able to back up the File that is posted in the chatter feed as long as that file is also linked to the record via ContentDocumentLink, which is supported and available to select in the hierarchy.


Tag objects are supported. For object backups, you will see a backup type category if you have tags enabled in your org.


GRAX supports both the classic and lightning knowledge object model, which revolve around objects ending in either ka or kav. VoteStat and ViewStat objects are not supported, as indicated above.


GRAX does not support backing up the base64 body (binary) of a Document. However, you can back up the other fields on the Document object, such as name, description, type etc. Documents are more relevant for Salesforce Classic and the recommendation is to move to Files, which are fully supported by GRAX.

You will not find the Document object available for archives.

Custom Settings

Custom Setting objects should appear in the GRAX backup list, provided they are not protected. Click here for more information on custom settings.

Custom Metadata Types

GRAX does not support backup of custom metadata types.