Automatic Software Updates

Stay Up to Date, without the Hassle

GRAX releases performance patches, bug fixes, and feature improvements multiple times a day on average. Delaying updates of your GRAX Software to even weekly cycles can mean that you spend most of your time missing important and beneficial improvements to the product that protects your data. With automatic software updates, GRAX can update itself to the latest safe and tested release every night so that you never have to deal with the frustration of running into an already known and fixed bug or being told to "update and try again" by GRAX Support.

This feature is disabled by default, but can be turned on at any point.

Warning for Slug-based Platforms

On platforms like Heroku or Docker, applications can be configured in such a way that they always boot from a pre-selected image or slug. In these cases, if GRAX updates itself on disk overnight, the latest version will be newer than that of the slug. GRAX's internal schema management is such that reverting to old versions may prove fatal to an application, requiring manual intervention. Updating on boot helps prevent this issue, always keeping the code on the latest release if enabled.

Before disabling autoupdate on systems such as these, discuss the change with GRAX Support for assistance avoiding these issues.

How Does it Work?

If enabled, the GRAX application checks in with nightly to verify the latest version. If a newer version than the local code exists, the app will download the latest version and install it in place over the previous version. It will then restart the application in place. The data operations (backup, archive, restore) of the application, if running, will not be harmed by these restarts or downloads. The application will resume processing tasks when it comes back online.

While this setting is enabled, the app will also perform a version and update check on every boot to avoid accidentally reverting to older versions. See note above about slug-based platforms.

How Do I Enable it?

By accessing the General Settings portion of the GRAX settings page, you can control several key behaviors of the GRAX application. Select the edit option for automatic updates and choose enable in the selection field. After saving, the app will begin checking for new versions each night.

GRAX AutoUpdate ToggleGRAX AutoUpdate Toggle

Can I Manually Update?

Yes, as part of the General Settings row as described above, GRAX contains a manual "Update Now" button. When pressed, the GRAX app will perform version checks against and replace the running app if necessary.