Auto Backup


With GRAX Auto Backup, you have a simple interface to backing up your entire Salesforce org.

  • In Salesforce, create an integration user for GRAX with access to every object you want backed up
  • In the GRAX Web Console, establish an OAuth connection to Salesforce with the integration user
  • In the GRAX Web Console, enable the Auto Backup advanced feature module.
  • In the GRAX Web Console, use the Auto Backup dashboard to see progress on backing up your entire org

GRAX is now automatically and continuously backing up your entire org, with no objects to select or schedules to configure. Please review our permissions documentation to ensure that no data is lost or missed.

Advanced Features Module

On the GRAX Settings page, enable Auto Backup:

Auto Backup Module ToggleAuto Backup Module Toggle

Auto Backup Toggle

To control the behavior of Auto Backup, you have simple options:

  • Backup All Objects
  • Backup All Objects Except Files
  • Backup Nothing

The selector on the related dashboard can be used to select an option:

Auto Backup Mode SelectorAuto Backup Mode Selector

How It Works

Once the integration user is connected, GRAX:

  • Periodically describes all the objects and schema in your org and adds them to the Auto Backup system.
  • Starts periodic jobs that pick an object and back up everything new or changed since the last backup.

When setting up GRAX for the first time, this begins to back up object data from the oldest modified to most recently modified in Salesforce. After a while, all the initial object data will be backed up and Auto Backup begins periodically capturing the most recent data changes.

Disabling an Object Backup

Auto Backup prefers to back up all Salesforce data it can by backing up every object the integration user has permission to view. This design lets you manage what objects are backed up with standard Salesforce permissions, and can automatically back up new custom objects that you add to Salesforce without additional GRAX configuration. If you do not want GRAX to back up an object because it is not restorable or is not valuable to your data strategy, deny access to the object for the GRAX integration user.

From the Auto Backup dashboard, you can pause all Auto Backup in case of Salesforce maintenance.

Errors and Monitoring

Inside the Auto Backup dashboard, you can check the status of all objects and review errors.

Objects can have the following statuses:

  • waiting: object is caught up and waiting for new data
  • running: object is nearly caught up and backing up new data
  • backfilling: object is still backing up initial data
  • paused: object is not being processed, such as if it's been deleted from Salesforce or Auto Backup has been turned off

When the system is normal you will see a green indicator next to every object. Auto Backup retries around all transient errors like system restarts, network outages, or Salesforce and storage rate limits.

To review errors:

  • Click on an object name
  • If there are errors, a "block errors" dialog will be shown
  • Click on the "error" link next to an entry to review the error