Sandbox Restore Retirement

What's being done?

GRAX is ending support for cross-org sandbox restores. This allowed customers to link a GRAX sandbox environment to a production environment (or another sandbox environment) to view and restore that org's data into a sandbox.

Why is GRAX retiring support for this feature?

GRAX is always looking for ways to increase data ownership, access, and reuse within the context of tighter data governance rules, stricter protections, and increased data flexibility that our customers require. As a result, we've seen a demand for GRAX to simply make this data available downstream for all sorts of use cases, whether it be warehousing and big data analytics, BI, machine learning, and a custom access API. We believe cross org access for things like restore is no different, and we want to empower our customers to access the GRAX data they own and build atop that in whatever way fits their needs. With that in mind, we don't believe the current sandbox restore aligns with this fully owned model of data ownership and access.

How does this impact me?

We encourage customers currently using this sandbox restore path to reach out and understand alternatives. We would love to show some of the great progress we've made on allowing efficient access to GRAX data for your Salesforce admins, end users, and downstream data teams.

What's the recommended workaround?

  • History Stream allows you to access ALL versions of your GRAX data downstream. For example, you can enable history stream and drive consumption of this GRAX data wherever it's needed, whether that be a data warehouse, BI tool, or even a Salesforce sandbox.
  • Simple searches can still be exported to CSV as a way to load into other orgs manually.


GRAX support for this feature ends in the Winter of 2021. This may be accelerated if changes are needed to protect the integrity of the GRAX service, or if third parties retire a piece of their service which makes the feature unavailable.

How do I get more information?

If you have questions or need more information, please open a support ticket.