Release Notes

GRAX publishes two sets of release notes. One set is related to changes within the GRAX Managed Package, while the other is related to feature changes in the GRAX backend application. See the table below for more information about available release notes.

GRAX Managed Package Release Notes


Deprecated Package Versions

Release notes for Managed Package versions prior to 3.91 have been removed to ensure the relevance of the following list.

3.99December 2022Notes
3.98October 2022Notes
3.97July 2022Notes
3.94May 2022Notes
3.93April 2022Notes
3.92March 2022Notes
3.91January 2022Notes

GRAX Release Notes


GRAX Versioning

The GRAX backend application is not available in versioned releases. All GRAX applications automatically update themselves on a regular schedule and only the latest GRAX release is available from our download APIs at any given time. These release notes are numbered based on date and are intended to align with feature additions or changes.

23.1.1January 2023Notes
22.12.1December 2022Notes