Recreate and Edit

This provides the ability to edit and recreate a single archived record


Recreate and edit is a function that is similar to the process of restoring a single archived record, but it is a bit more simple. Essentially, you are able to search for a particular GRAX record, and create a new SFDC record using the values from the data lake as a starting point.


Recreate and Edit Differs from GRAX Restore!

The recreate and edit function does NOT use the same process as the restore function. Therefore, any options you might have set in the restore options configuration will not be applied. Recreate and edit uses an apex class to create the record rather than using the API like our restore process does. You can think of the Recreate and Edit functionality as if you were just creating a brand new record within Salesforce, except that many of the values are prepopulated from the data lake.


  1. Go to your Salesforce environment where you have installed the GRAX Application
  2. Click on the tab GRAX
  3. Click on Search tab
  4. Select the GRAX Table, or Salesforce object, which you want to restore
  5. Select the fields which you would like displayed with your search results
  6. Enter any filter criteria to limit results that are returned
  7. Click Retrieve
  8. Click the preview icon on the record you want to recreate
  9. Edit any of the field on the record you would like
  10. Determine if you would like to recreate attachments for this record
  11. Click Recreate and Edit


Should I recreate records that have been backed up or archived?

Typically customers will use recreate + edit functionality for archived records.

For backed up records, if you attempt to recreate a record that already exists in Salesforce, you will be creating a "duplicate". Our restore function has the ability to check if the record you are restoring already exists - you may want to use the restore function if you have any doubts about the record you want to recreate.

However, the preview and recreate is essentially just teeing up a brand new SFDC record insert for you, using the current GRAX field values as the prepopulated defaults. So even though a record is backed up, you may want to use that as a starting point and recreate a 'similar' record using this functionality.


Potential Salesforce Blockers

When you use this functionality, given that you are basically creating a brand new record (using values from the backed up GRAX data), you may run into Salesforce validations. Normal validation rules, triggers etc may block the creation (which you can adjust), but there are also some standard rules.

For instance, when using this functionality for a Case, Salesforce will not allow you to insert a Case when the Closed Date is before the Created Date. Given that the Created Date will be set to NOW, and the Closed Date will be taken from the Data Lake and will be some date prior to NOW, you will encounter a system validation error. In scenarios like this, we advise you use the normal GRAX restore, as that can leverage the API and even set the Created Date (Salesforce system field) to the original Created Date value given your user has permission to set audit fields.