Azure Configuration

Set up your Azure Blob Storage Account and provide access as needed.


If you have decided to use Microsoft Azure as your long term storage option, you will need to set up an Azure Blob storage account. Please proceed with creating a storage account and at least 1 container in the storage account. For now you can name the Container whatever you’d like, such as “GRAX Backup.”


Choosing a Region

When creating the Storage Account please specify a region that is geographically close to the GRAX Application deployment region.


Storage Recommendation

For standard storage, General Purpose V2 accounts are recommended. Microsoft recommends that you use a general-purpose v2 storage account for most scenarios.

Once you have your Storage Account and Container created, you will need the following pieces of information:

  • Azure Storage Account Name
  • Azure Container Name
  • Azure Storage Account Access Key

Helpful Resources

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