GRAX in Salesforce

it's no longer required to install the GRAX managed package into your Salesforce org


The GRAX solution no longer requires the use of the GRAX Managed Package in Salesforce. The solution includes a new user interface outside of Salesforce to configure and use the GRAX solution. This interface runs on the same app server as the GRAX software. Access to this user interface is still controlled by permissions in the related Salesforce org. Details about these permissions can be found on the following pages. Adding and assigning these permissions lets you use the GRAX solution without the managed package or any other GRAX code in the Salesforce org.

We recognize that there are use-cases where viewing data from the GRAX solution within Salesforce is still of great benefit, if not a defining requirement. There are now options, described below, for how you are able to interact with GRAX data from within Salesforce.


GRAX Embedded

GRAX doesn't require the installation of a managed package into Salesforce. GRAX has made sample code available under an open-source license that can be deployed to Salesforce. This includes a Salesforce App for GRAX to interact with the user interface from within Salesforce, the Lightning Web Component, and a sample related list visual force page with a related record view page.

The related list and record view page sample code are examples that can be copied for use with other objects, modified for layout preferences, etc., to meet your specific needs. These also work in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

GRAX Managed Package

A managed package continues to be supported and is available from the Salesforce AppExchange. The link to the GRAX Managed Package on the AppExchange can be found on the Salesforce Installation page. This package includes a Salesforce App linking functions to the respective pages in the new user interface, a Lighting Web Component to display related data from GRAX inside Salesforce Lightning Experience, and features to allow the creation of custom buttons to open the new user interface pre-loaded to specific data records in Salesforce Classic.