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Request Running Too Long Salesforce Apex Error

I am getting a Request Running Too Long error in the apex logs for my GRAX jobs. How can I best troubleshoot this Salesforce platform error.

Does GRAX do Salesforce metadata backups?


Apex Heap Size Too Large Error

I'm seeing an 'Apex heap size too large' error in my apex jobs, how can I further troubleshoot?

Person Accounts and GRAX

What are the considerations are using person accounts with GRAX?

Is GRAX data encrypted?

Does GRAX use Salesforce API?

For backups, archives, and restores, is my Salesforce API usage impacted?

Salesforce has IP Whitelisting enabled - GRAX App not able to login SF

Receiving this error from within GRAX app trying to connect to SF. UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: LOGIN_DURING_RESTRICTED_DOMAIN: cannot log in from current domain

GRAX and Sandbox Refresh

What do I need to consider when refreshing a sandbox?

GRAX Compatibility with Heroku Private Space / Custom Domains and SSL / IP Whitelisting

I have been setting up my private space, as it is required to use GRAX, but I am wondering about some of the options within the heroku app, such as setting up a custom domain, enabling SSL, and whitelisting IPs. Can you provide more context on each, and when/why they are needed?

How does the Rolling Date work for jobs?


What exactly does the "Incremental" toggle do for backup or archive jobs?


Do I need to use Salesforce Shield as well?


GRAX for Salesforce Install Links

Where can I find the most up to date install links for the GRAX Salesforce app (managed package)?

Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded Error

I am seeing an apex CPU time limit error in my apex jobs page, how can I further troubleshoot?

GRAX and Restoring to Salesforce Autonumber Field Types

When restoring with GRAX, what if we want to maintain the same value in an autonumber field, such as CaseNumber - is this possible? What are the considerations around backing up and restoring autonumber or Salesforce ID fields?

Login URL To Use for GRAX

Should I use the standard Salesforce login URL or my custom my domain URL

Purpose of Grax dynos

What are the different dynos of the Grax app used for? Currently we have: web, grax-asynch, async-worker and grax-asynch-bulk dynos.

Do you support an integration with Tableau?

GDPR Compliant

Is GRAX compliant with GDPR? Are there specific features that will help us comply with various requirements of GDPR?

Do I need a Heroku Private Space?