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What is the CompareName field for in the Grax Time Machine Component?

What is the CompareName field for in the Grax Time Machine Component?

Error Message - Backup completed but not all files in storage

Backup completed, however, when we checked the S3 storage not all the files we expected were backed up. The GRAX logs showed the following error - Insert failed. First exception on Row 0; first error: STORAGE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED.

GRAX and Sandbox Refresh

What do I need to consider when refreshing a sandbox?

How Does GRAX Remember Selections?

There are various places within the Salesforce GRAX app where customers can select fields, toggles, mappings etc. How are these remembered and are they saved for each user individually or globally?

Purpose of Grax dynos

What are the different dynos of the Grax app used for? Currently we have: web, grax-asynch, async-worker and grax-asynch-bulk dynos.

Change Salesforce Field Type

I changed one of my Salesforce object's field types and am now getting an error in my heroku logs when trying to run a backup, how can I address this?

Restore depth

Hi there, If an object has a hierarchy depth of lets say 10. Can Grax restore it automatically, without any manual intervention?

H12 Errors and Managing Number of Records Per Payload

We're seeing H12 Errors in Heroku when a GRAX schedule process is sending records to Heroku, what could be a possible cause?

Heroku issues

If Heroku platform is having issues, how is GRAX affected and how will the customer be notified?

Aborting a GRAX Schedule Process

Are there any specific considerations around aborting a job?

Archive Salesforce Orders

Are there any considerations for archiving Salesforce orders to my datalake?

Full backup, and a new object added?

If I select all objects on Object Backup and run a monthly full backup with incremental backups and after month 3, I create a new custom object, will that new object be added to the full backup?

Salesforce API Consumption

Which GRAX processes use Salesforce APIs, and which specific Salesforce APIs are being used for various GRAX job types?

Can GRAX archive and restore Approval Process History?

Can GRAX archive and restore Approval Process History?

SOQL Query

When performing a backup or archive with a SOQL query, how do I go back and look at the specifics of the SOQL?

Last Modified on Email Messages

Can I run a backup or archive on the email message object in Salesforce using Last Modified Date?

Salesforce has IP Whitelisting enabled - GRAX App not able to login SF

Receiving this error from within GRAX app trying to connect to SF. UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: LOGIN_DURING_RESTRICTED_DOMAIN: cannot log in from current domain

Rolling Date Setting

How does the rolling date setting work within the hierarchy schedule tab?

New Salesforce Fields and the Datalake

If I add a new field to a Salesforce Object, will the information be backup and/or archived into the datalake?

How does Archive work?

I've scheduled the Archival on Opportunities and due to some error opportunities were not archived, but the records related to opportunity were archived. If I want to restore them now I don't know which records were archived, is there a way that we can archive the complete set(parent and their children) only if there is no issue?