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Can we connect GRAX via backend/API?

Can we connect to the GRAX send the request for the data and get a response? If yes, what can be the format XML,Json etc?

Do Restored Records Get a New Salesforce ID?

When archived data is restored, is a new Salesforce ID assigned or can you maintain the same Salesforce ID? How can GRAX identify that a duplicate of the original records already exists?

Ingesting Data from Salesforce to a Data Warehouse

How can I ingest historical data from Salesforce/GRAX to my Data Warehouse? Can I perform a full load of all historical data from the source?

Reporting on Archived Data

How do I continue reporting on my Salesforce data once it is archived?

Read replica of huge objects

One of our clients need to sync data from salesforce. Couple of questions regd this. 1. Client needs to sync to postgres db to have other non-sfdc clients connect to it in read-only mode. Is this something Grax does? 2. Some of those objects are huge like 500m. How does Grax handles syncing these objects? Does it handles batching and syncing in incremental automatically or clients have to do the work to setup jobs to sync for a month of data and so forth?

Person Account backup and Restore

I made a backup of "All Objects" with GRAX, but when I do a restore, the person account data does not get restored. Is there a reason for this? I can also not search for Person Account in the tables. Is this an issue? Thanks

Salesforce Archived Activities

Does GRAX handle Salesforce-archived activities (tasks and events)?

GRAX and Salesforce Connected Apps

How does GRAX handle Salesforce Connected Apps? Are they installed as part of a managed package? Additionally, will GRAX still work if we have the `Restrict Access to APIs with Connected Apps` setting enabled in our Salesforce environment?

Advanced SOQL Query

What kind of date formats and literals does the Advanced SOQL feature support for archives?

How does GRAX handle encrypted fields?

Salesforce offers encrypted custom field types. How does GRAX treat these?

Does GRAX Search and Lightning Component Respect Salesforce Sharing?

Archive Email Messages

When I select the `Case` object in an archive, I see 2 Email Message objects within the hierarchy...what is the difference?

Allow Access Acceptance Pop-Up

When clicking on a GRAX tab, I see a pop-up asking me to Allow Access to GRAX. What is this for and are there cookies being set?

How to schedule hirerachy process using SOQL query?

I am using q query "[SELECT Id FROM order where type ='XYX']". It is throwing an error The SOQL Query must be in the format of [SELECT...FROM...WHERE...] sentence, and, cannot contain the "ORDER BY", "LIMIT", "GROUP BY", "HAVING", and, "OFFSET", clauses Can you please let me know the exact syntax of SOQL query to be used to schedule the jobs. Thanks

Adding objects to an ongoing incremental job

What happens if I edit an ongoing incremental job to add object(s)? What criteria/filters will be used to pick them up in the next run?

Incremental jobs finishing with "Completed - Errors Sending Data"

Will unsuccessful records on my incremental job be picked up in the next job?

Can GRAX back up data from the Salesforce recycle bin?


How many levels down will GRAX back up within the Salesforce hierarchy?

What is the CompareName field for in the Grax Time Machine Component?

What is the CompareName field for in the Grax Time Machine Component?

Error Message - Backup completed but not all files in storage

Backup completed, however, when we checked the S3 storage not all the files we expected were backed up. The GRAX logs showed the following error - Insert failed. First exception on Row 0; first error: STORAGE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED.