GRAX for Salesforce v1.50

The notes here apply to GRAX for Salesforce versions 1.50 and higher


  • Enhanced Backup/Archive Status. Ability for an Admin to click into the "Scheduled Process" record to view additional details on the backup/archive process
  • Updated names for tabs. New names to the backup sub-tabs included "Hierarchy Processes" and "Object(s) Backup"
  • Additional objects to backup. Within the "Hierarchy Processes" sub-tab, users are now able to backup all ContentDocument records related to a records which is being backed up/archived from this scheduled process.


  • Data Management tab. Created a new tab within the GRAX package for "Data Management". This makes it easier for the admin to find the record(s) they want to restore from their GRAX datalake.
  • Updated Filter/Sorting criteria. Enhanced the filtering capability so that the admin is able to narrow down the records which they want to restore to this environment.


  • Error Logs tab. Ability to filter by specific error types, created date, etc.
  • Restore Logs. New sub-tab where an admin is able to view the list of records which were created, or unable to be created, as part of restoring records. This includes the ability to see the record id in the source environment and destination environment, and any applicable error.


  • Customize the field you are displaying. The ability to customize which fields are displayed on your initial search. This makes it much easier for an admin to see specific fields which were changed by end users over time.
  • Enhanced encryption on fields which are encrypted via either Salesforce Shield or are encrypted Salesforce fields.


  • added: Enhanced Backup/Archive Status
  • added: Updated names for tabs
  • added: Additional objects to backup
  • added: Data Management tab
  • added: Updated Filter/Sorting criteria
  • added: Error Logs tab
  • added: Restore Logs
  • added: Customize the field you are displaying
  • added: Enhanced encryption on fields