GRAX for Salesforce v1.120

The notes here apply to GRAX for Salesforce versions 1.120 and higher


Install Link

Please reach out to [email protected] for install link and assistance


Heroku Update

Please ensure that you have updated your GRAX Heroku App to the latest version. Please contact [email protected] with any questions/assistance on how to complete this.


  • added: GRAX Lightning Connect: Easy way to display related records which are in the datalake as a related list in Lightning. Users have the ability to show an unlimited # of related lists, set the fields to be viewed, preview the records, and restore the records.
  • added: Ability to send the Scheduled Process summary to additional emails (SF users and non-SF users)
  • added: Ability to re-try the sending of GRAX Data Records that have failed due to errors
  • added: Ability to set your GRAX Scheduled Process as inactive. This gives your organization the ability to de-activate a process so that it does not have a next scheduled date. When you are ready to schedule the process again, no problem, just activate and set the "Schedule Date"
  • added: Ability to add new objects to an "Incremental Object Backup" Scheduled Process. If your business has added a new object to Salesforce since you started backing up your data with GRAX, don't worry. You can now select this new object from the Scheduled Process screen from your existing process
  • added: Ability to sort columns from the Schedule tab within GRAX
  • improved: Enhanced layout from the "Search" tab". Select your object which you want to view, and now you have the ability to either type and search for fields via their name, or view through the list of fields to display
  • improved: Restoring records from the "Search" page through "Preview/Re-create". This button will open the record so that the user can view/edit and restore the record
  • improved: Restoring records from the "Search" page through "Restore". This button will automatically restore the record, and NOT open the edit screen
  • improved: Minor bug fixes