GRAX 3.20

The notes here apply to GRAX versions 3.20 and higher



Filter on Records Restored

On the GRAX Search tab, within the filter dropdown, there is a new section for Restore Filters. This gives the end user the ability to filter for/out records which have been restored. Additionally, you can filter based off of date restored.

Note that this information is not specific to a SFDC environment, so if you have multiple SFDC environments linked to the same GRAX environment, and you restored a record into both SFDC environments, the information represented here is the 'last' restored date.


Restore Status UI

When clicking on the Logs tab, then Restore Logs, there is a new section for "Restore Status". This section displays the status of all restore processes over the last 7 days and makes it easier to view current restore jobs, restore time, etc. Click here for more information.



Grax-Asynch Dyno Usage

Removed the reliance on the dyno async-worker and have added this processing to the existing dyno grax-asynch. For more information on the async-worker dyno that was leveraged mainly for restore purposes, click here. If you were previously on GRAX 3.0 or 3.1, we recommend upgrading to 3.20 or beyond to leverage the more consolidated dyno model.


Schedule Process UI

Updates to how a user creates a backup/archive process with a more global view of processes scheduled for hierarchy and object based backups.

A more intuitive experience for being guided through whether an Object Backup or a Hierarchy Process is right for you. All users will funnel through the same Create path where you can easily decide which type of job makes sense for your use case.


Refresh Button

A much larger, easier-to-see-and-use Refresh Table button at the top of the Schedule tab that you can click to refresh all job statuses.


EventLogFile Support

Curious about backing up all your Salesforce EventLogFile records in order to do more detailed analysis? GRAX now supports EventLogFile backups, and it is treated as an 'asynchronous object' similar to Attachment and ContentVersion objects. We currently do not support delete, as Salesforce requires you to use the API to delete. We recommend customers back up eventlogfiles and then delete using API query.


Browser Cookie Acceptance

Proactive acceptance required (first time) when clicking on GRAX tabs that leverage iframes. Given inconsistencies between default browser settings, this approach will ensure GRAX works more consistently across browsers. Once you click to Allow this setting will be remembered for that browser (unless you clear browser settings).

This security setting will help account for stricter default Safari settings, as well as upcoming changes to Google Chrome cookie policies and other browsers that will continue to make similar changes.

Recommended Chrome Defaults:

  • Go to “Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Site Settings -> Cookies and site data”, and verify this configurations:
  • Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended): Enabled
  • Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome: Disabled
  • Block third-party cookies: Disabled

Recommended Firefox Defaults:

  • Go to “Preferences -> Provacy and Security”, and set the “Browser Privacy” option as “Standard”.


Salesforce Locale Support

When performing a re-creation via the recreate and edit functionality, date fields are now displayed on the preview and create page based off of the users Salesforce Locale. You will see improved locale and time zone settings being honored across the GRAX app.


Additional Email Alerting

Now when you toggle the option to receive emails for a process, you will also get an email alert if the job completes with any of the 'error' statuses. Click here for more details.


New GRAX Logo

For new installs, you'll notice the new GRAX logo throughout the app! Click here to read more about why we updated our logo.

For existing customers upgrading, you are able to find the new logo in your Documents tab within Salesforce, if you would like to assign the image to your Classic and Salesforce GRAX app (Salesforce does not allow automatic upgrading of app icons)



GRAX Permissions Error Message

If a user does not have a GRAX Permission set assigned to them, but has access to GRAX, a more user-friendly error message is now displayed