GRAX 3.1

The notes here apply to GRAX versions 3.0 and higher



Async Object Processing

In order to more effectively process status of asynchronous objects (Attachment and ContentVersion), there are new batch apex scheduled jobs that must be leveraged.

After upgrading your GRAX Salesforce package, you will see a banner notifying you that you will need to schedule additional APEX Scheduled Jobs. The new Schedule Job GRAXBatchToUpdateAsyncBackedUpRecords will run at the ":00" and ":30". This batch queries GRAX to ensure all the attachments (or ContentVersion) records within the Scheduled Process. Click here for more information.



Encrypted Fields on Restore

When restoring records via GRAX and clicking the "Recreate & Edit" option, all encrypted fields will be displayed with * while previewing and restoring records


Improved Help Text on 'Restore All' Pop-up

When editing and re-creating records within Salesforce pop-up information and help text has been updated



Bulk Backup Incremental Processes

Updates to how incremental backup processes run when incremental is set to true


Calendar Icon for Incremental Backup

Updated the calendar icon when an incremental backup is selected and has previously run


Create New GRAX App Button

Updated the redirect URL for this button