GRAX 3.0

The notes here apply to GRAX versions 3.0 and higher



GRAX Restore Process

The GRAX team has made considerable progress in the restore efficiency of records which have been archived/deleted from SF and need to be restored. This process can cut down restoration time and also more effectively track restore status and retry in the event of server issues. Click here to read more about how the restore process works.


Created GRAX Decryption Method

Do you have encrypted data that you are loading into GRAX that is not from Salesforce? GRAX will now support customers creating their own preprocessor class to decrypt GRAX data so that users can view in the Search tab like they are accustomed to. Click here to learn more.


GRAX Lightning Utility Bar Support

GRAX now offers a lightning utility item that you can add to your lightning app utility bar! This can prove to be an extremely helpful utility for your users in Lightning, who will now be able to search GRAX no matter where they are in Lightning. Click here to read more.



Bulk API Backup

Improvements to the general performance of bulk backup for more information, speed to the backup process, and calculation to determine the maximum # of records per batch to be backed up using the bulk api in order to more effectively perform within Salesforce limitations.


Ability to retry deleting records in an archive process

In some customer environment there will be validation rules, custom logic, triggers, etc. which prevent the deletion of records within Salesforce. Once the Schedule Process completes with a status of "Completed - Errors Deleting Data", you now have the ability to select the drop-down and "retry - deleting records". This will attempt to delete only the records with an error.


Update Incremental Backup Query

For the Incremental/Progressive Backup the date field being used is now SystemModStamp and not LastModifiedDate. The field SystemModStamp is indexed and will improve overall performance of this process.


Initial GRAX Tab Load Behavior

Improved the background load behavior when clicking GRAX tab. Going forward, all relevant metadata/objects will be loaded upon creation of relevant Schedule Process rather than upon initial GRAX tab load. This will better protect against Salesforce CPU limits.


Recreate and Edit Improvements

  • Recreate and Edit functionality will better support multi-select picklists
  • Recreate and Edit functionality will better support currency/number field formatting


Enhanced Picklist for Hierarchy Process

More modern, dynamic search box for selecting root/parent object on a Hierarchy Process.


Warning Before Aborting a Schedule Process

Prior to a user aborting a Schedule Process, a notification is presented to the user to confirm that the abort is required. Once you abort the process, the audit records will be deleted, so this gives the user a chance to pause and first troubleshoot the process before aborting.


Bulk Load Enhancements

  • Bulk load now works with minIO
  • When using the bulk load feature, any successfully processed CSVs will be put into the Completed folder with a unique date/time stamp added to the file name. This will result in completed files not getting overwritten and enhanced traceability and audit of all bulk load jobs.



Updated APEX Class access for GRAX Permission Sets

Additional APEX Class access given to the following permission sets:

  • GRAX Admin
  • GRAX Limited Admin
  • GRAX Advanced User


Skip FeedItem with Type of TrackedChange

For FeedItem records of Type Tracked Change, GRAX will skip these during a restore process as SFDC does not allow creation of these FeedItems. You will see SKIPPED in the restore logs.


Attachment & Content Version Backup Process

General improvements to minor bugs with the Attachment and ContentVersion record backups to GRAX.


Process Summary Time Duration

After a backup/archive or restore process completes, the overall time that the process took to complete has been updated to display the time in hours, minutes, and seconds compared to rounding to nearest 30 minute increment as was done previously.


Advanced SOQL Query

Minor improvements to performance of the Advanced SOQL Query for single object backup.


Date Calendar Selection

Minor updates to the calendar option within the Scheduled Process.


Authorizing Heroku App

When a GRAX Admin clicks on the Configuration tab, they will now see a more accurate representation of whether the GRAX app has already been connected to a Heroku app (by potentially someone else), in which case no action is needed. You can always Unlock and reauthorize if needed.