Salesforce OAuth

GRAX now supports connecting to Salesforce via OAuth (starting with GRAX 3.40). Let's take a look at setting this up in a few easy clicks.


When configuring the GRAX 'integration user', you previously needed to enter the Salesforce username, password, and security token. Now you can leverage OAuth for a simpler, more secure setup experience. Whether you are an existing customer looking to change your authentication or a brand new customer setting up GRAX for the first time, this OAuth guide will get you started.


Whitelisting OAuth Service IPs

If your salesforce environment restricts access via ips, be sure to whitelist our Oauth Service IPs before attempting OAuth.

Instructions: Initial Login

When you first set up GRAX, you will specify a connection name, select the environment type, and then click Login to Salesforce to complete the OAuth flow.

Instructions: Transitioning to OAuth

If you are an existing customer transitioning to OAuth, you will see a toggle that allows you to switch from Username/Password to OAuth authorization. Let's take a look at the steps in more detail:

Navigate to Setup

Navigate to GRAX > Configuration > Setup, and click the Update Credentials button

Select OAuth Option

Switch from the Username / Password button to the OAuth toggle button. You will see an input where you can enter the Salesforce login URL (either for sandbox environments or for production environments). Note that GRAX 3.40 customers may see a radio button option instead of a text input. If so, simply select the correct environment type (Production or Sandbox).


Custom My Domain URLs

Do not enter your custom My Domain URL in the SFDC URL field. Always use or as this will allow us to know if this is a sandbox or production environment. You can use the "Custom Domain" login option if needed once you get to the Salesforce login pop-up.

Login using SFDC Creds

Click the Authenticate using OAuth button (may also be labeled Login with Salesforce depending on your GRAX version) to be taken to the Salesforce login screen, where you can enter the credentials of the integration user you would like to use for GRAX. Proceed and be sure to allow access.


You will be directed back to the Setup page, where you can validate the information, test the connection, or change the authentication user. Click Save when you're ready, and you're all set!