Google Cloud Configuration

Set up your Google Cloud Storage Bucket and provide access as needed. This Bucket, if you choose to go with Google, will serve as the primary long term storage option for GRAX.


If you have decided to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as your long-term storage option, you will need to set up a Google Cloud Platform account. Please proceed with creating a storage account and at least 1 Bucket in the storage account. For now, you can name the Bucket whatever you’d like, such as “GRAX Backup.”

GCP Bucket Instructions


Choosing a Region

When creating the GCP Storage Account please specify a region that geographically close to the GRAX deployment region.

Once you have your Storage Account and Container created, you will need the following pieces of information:


Google Considerations

GRAX recommends setting the MaxNumberOfRecordsPerPayload custom setting to 500 in Salesforce for customers who are utilizing GCP as their storage provider. This has been determined to be an optimal payload size for records being sent from the GRAX Application to GCP.

Helpful Resources

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