Log Streaming

Enabling Support To Support You

This document discusses the Log Streaming functionality of the GRAX application and the security implications around it. Note that this document is provided for informational purposes only. It represents GRAX’s current product offering and practices as of the date of issue of this document (March 24th, 2022).

What is Log Streaming?

GRAX is designed to operate in secure, restrictive environments that minimize the ingress and egress paths available as well as those that don't allow any vendor access. As such, Log Streaming is an authenticated egress-only zero-infrastructure-access method of making your logs available to GRAX Engineering for the sake of supportability and bug fixing. Without such a feature, GRAX Support is flying blind when it comes to application failures in your environment.

Before diving deeper, some key points:

  • GRAX logging never contains your Salesforce records or any system secrets.
  • Logs utilize the same authenticated hq.grax.com connection as telemetry.
  • Access to these logs is tightly controlled internally at GRAX.
  • Logs are only retained for 15 days by default.

Log Streaming can be enabled or disabled at any time by the customer via the GRAX webapp. Changing the related setting immediately causes the GRAX backend to stop or start uploading logs. Logs are buffered and then uploaded on regular intervals to reduce rate-based network strain on the underlying infrastructure.

GRAX Log Streaming SettingsGRAX Log Streaming Settings

When Should You Enable Log Streaming?

We strongly recommend leaving Log Streaming enabled at all times for best results. If not possible, Log Streaming will be needed anytime GRAX Support is interacting with your team to solve an issue, troubleshoot a failure, or perform updates. If you are reporting a failure to GRAX, we recommend you enable Log Streaming, reproduce the issue, and then send a rough timestamp to support so they can investigate the related logs.

Does Log Streaming Support Historical Logs?

No, Log Streaming is a forward-only live collector of logs and does not store historical logs anywhere for later sending. GRAX Support will not be able to help effectively with issues that occured while Log Streaming was shut off.