Legacy Metadata Backup Retirement

What's being done?

GRAX is ending support for (what we'll refer to going forward as) a legacy version of our metadata backup feature. This feature allows customers to back up certain metadata components to their storage bucket, and optionally sync to Github/Gitlab.

Why is GRAX retiring support for this feature?

We have ported this feature over to our latest GRAX code and architecture so while the metadata backup still works in generally the same manner, the new metadata backup doesn't support integration with Git. The reason this has been done is related mostly to resiliency and ensuring the metadata backup feature works with all the latest GRAX architecture improvements, including self managed GRAX.

We have found that most customers have not historically leveraged the Git integration, and maintaining support for this integration is something we have decided to retire given the other options available to do this once you have all your metadata in your storage bucket.

How does this impact me?

Customers who are using the metadata backup feature should reach out to GRAX Support to check if they need to upgrade to the new metadata backup.

What's the recommended workaround?

The new metadata backup works in generally the same manner, which you can read about here.

If you were using the Git integration, we'd like to understand the use case in more detail. If you are interested primarily in viewing diffs between files, there are plenty of other options to do this. You could also explore native GitHub actions to understand better ways of syncing files from S3 to GitHub.


GRAX support for this feature ends in the Winter of 2021. This may be accelerated if changes are needed to protect the integrity of the GRAX service, or if third parties retire a piece of their service which makes the feature unavailable.

How do I get more information?

If you have questions or need more information, please open a support ticket.