GRAX Support

GRAX provides customer support for our software solution. Standard support is included in the software licensing fees associated.

GRAX Standard support is provided via email and in-app support with agent responses 9-5 EST US business days. Email and in-app questions can be submitted through the Help tab in the GRAX Application or by emailing [email protected] Responses are provided as best effort, with initial responses occurring within 4-24 hours of initial receipt of submission and based on severity (see Escalation Matrix below).

GRAX Standard Support Guidelines

  • 9-5x5 support during non-holiday business days (US holidays)
  • Explore detailed documentation through here
  • Help Ticket: Create a ticket through the Help tab within your GRAX
  • Email – [email protected]


Support requests received after business hours will be addressed the following day

GRAX Priority Support

  • GRAX Engineers are on call based on the above hours
  • A ticket can be created and a member of the GRAX team will respond within the time period of the escalation hours listed below
Simply navigate to the `Help` tab, fill in your information and click  `Submit`Simply navigate to the `Help` tab, fill in your information and click  `Submit`

Simply navigate to the Help tab, fill in your information and click Submit

Escalation Matrix: Categories and Definitions



First Response

Critical Production Issue

A business-stopping emergency caused by a complete loss of GRAX service or major feature degradation, resulting in a mission-critical production failure

4 Hours (9-5 EST US business days)

Non-Critical Production Issue

Production issues that do not affect general business operations

12 Hours (9-5 EST US business days)

Non-Production Issue / Question

General questions, non-production issues and/or support requests

24 Hours (9-5 EST US business days)

All Critical Production issues will be escalated to be reviewed as the highest priority.

Other ways to get help