GRAX Hosted

Backup, archive, and restore without the hassle

The GRAX application provides backup, recovery, and data archive functionality for customers who need to have ownership of backup data for their Salesforce instances. GRAX Cloud is the evolution of GRAX for customers without established cloud presences, teams, or skillsets. With zero need for supporting infrastructure, get the value of GRAX quickly and easily without the hassle of hosting resources in-house.

To review the GRAX architecture:

GRAX Managed DiagramGRAX Managed Diagram


The GRAX Managed Package is deployed into your Salesforce instance to provide access surfaces for your Salesforce users directly in the Salesforce UI. This includes Permission Sets and Lightning Web Components.

Salesforce access does require some management:

  • Configure IP restrictions in the Salesforce Admin UI to the IPs of your GRAX Cloud instance (provided by Support).
  • Add a Remote Site setting in the Salesforce configuration to allow communication to the GRAX application.
  • Manage access to the Salesforce environment for GRAX support staff by granting and revoking access using the Salesforce Grant Login Access feature.


If you would like to take advantage of the GRAX Managed advantages while still owning the data storage used for longterm retention, GRAX supports customer ownership of storage buckets. Access credentials can simply be passed into the application during configuration.


For information regarding the security and compliance of GRAX deployments, see our security documentation.