Getting Started with GRAX Backup

This guide will walk you through the basics of GRAX Backup and its features as part of the GRAX Backup & Restore product. GRAX’s backup and restore functionalities serve as a crucial driver for business continuity and as a starting point to drive value and ROI across the spectrum for our customers.

Understanding GRAX Backup

Backup vs. Archive

At a glance, there are two types of jobs available when you click into the ‘Schedule’ tab inside of the GRAX interface: backup and archive. Let's take a look at the key differences:




Back up all records across a single object (with all date fields + SOQL filters) or multiple objects (using the System Modstamp filter)

Back up only a subset of records for a single root object (i.e. filter criteria or report-based filter) along with children, and then delete these records.

Archive Capability

Does not support data archive

Supports data archive into your own data lake (data warehouse)


Fastest due to simplicity of backup (i.e. no logic or filters)

Slower due to complex logic and record queries across the hierarchy

Incremental Backups

Scheduled Process will only back up records that have changed and is based on SystemModstamp

Toggling ‘on’ Rolling Date allows you to select the time increment for the Scheduled Process to back up new records from and is based on Last Modified Date primarily and System Modstamp secondarily

Attachments, Files, & Content

Supports backing these up via the Files backup type.

You will need to select the object as a root element, or check off Attachment and/or Content Document Link in the hierarchy view



Set up a scheduled object backup job to create a full recurring, incremental backup of your most important objects.

Setting Up Your First Object Backup Process

  1. Click Schedule
  1. Click the Create button & select Object Backup(s)
  1. Fill in the Name of your process
  1. Check any object(s) that you want to back up
  1. Optionally select Filter Criteria based on System Modstamp
  1. Select your Schedule for how often you would like this to run
  1. Optionally select if you would like this to be an Incremental Backup
  1. Click Save to finish

Best Practices & Pro Tips

  • Running a large job & need to make sure it’s running smoothly? Configure workflow alerts for a process that has been running for greater than X hours/days to serve as a reminder to check in on it.
  • Naming a process is optional but doing so makes it easier to remember what objects are being backed up as part of the process.
  • If you run into SFDC-imposed limits, you always have the flexibility to break down jobs based on date
  • Toggling ‘on’ Single Object Backup allows you to select different date values, not just System Modstamp



We're always adding new product functionality to enhance your experience with GRAX. To learn more about what's new or what's changed, please see our release notes.

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, you can keep expanding your knowledge & mastery with our Knowledge Base: