Salesforce FAQ

Common questions related to Salesforce features or capabilities

Does GRAX use Salesforce Platform Events? No

Salesforce Platform Events don't support all objects needed by GRAX and Event Allocations are VERY limiting (when backing up ALL objects). Currently, GRAX Auto Backup captures Salesforce objects, Binary Files (Attachment, Content, Chatter Files, etc), and Salesforce system-tables. Data and binary files MUST be captured at the same rate/time or you risk damaging referential integrity or completeness of data. To fulfill our customers backup needs Salesforce Platform Events aren't an option due to incomplete object support. If you have questions please reach out to the GRAX team.

Does GRAX support Salesforce Private Connect? Yes

Salesforce Private Connect routes SFDC traffic via Salesforce-managed public cloud VPCs instead of letting egress traffic cross the public internet. This is a network-layer configuration; if configured correctly, the GRAX app won't be able to tell the difference between a public or private connection. GRAX isn't responsible for configuring or maintaining Private Connect. Private Connect requires additional Salesforce licensing. Private Connect is only available for self-managed GRAX installations.