Restore FAQ

Common questions related to Restore and error messages

When is Legacy Restore being retired?

See the Legacy Restore Retirement page.


Example: code=INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY field= msg=insufficient access rights on cross-reference id: 02s1U00000eoiFp

You are trying to restore a record that references an object you don't have permission to. Review your Integration User permissions. Review the object that the ID refers to. The integration user may have SFDC licenses or object level permissions missing that prevent access to the referenced object.


Example: Restore Content document failing on ContentDocumentLink due to code=INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_OR_READONLY field=ShareType msg=Invalid sharing type V

You are trying to restore a Content Document (ContentVersion + ContentDocumentLink) and you are getting an "Invalid sharing type V" error message. To resolve it, you need to configure file sharing to Set by Record in your Salesforce org settings:

  • Go to Setup and enter Files in the Quick Find box.
  • Under Salesforce Files, choose General Settings.
  • Enable the Set by Record option for files attached to records.

Additional documentation is available from Salesforce.