GDPR / GRAX Delete

GRAX understands the importance of your organization being compliant. The GRAX app provides you with the tools needed to request erasure of customer data.


The right to be forgotten grants GDPR subjects the rights to erasure, which means that pursuant to a written request the data controller is required to delete personal data about that subject. GRAX provides the tools necessary to facilitate such delete requests.


Depending on your GRAX version, there may be other ways to submit data delete requests. Please reach out to GRAX Support to ensure you are following the proper process when attempting to delete GRAX data.

Enabling the Datalake Delete Tab

Follow the below steps to enable the Datalake Delete tab. It is important to remember, that only users with the permission set GRAX-Configuration Admin will have access to this tab.

  1. Browse to the GRAX Configuration tab and select the sub-tab for Miscellaneous
  2. Select the GRAX Data Privacy section and you will see the Enable Delete Tab
  3. You will now see a new tab for Datalake Delete
Enabling the Datalake Delete TabEnabling the Datalake Delete Tab

Enabling the Datalake Delete Tab

Deleting Records

  1. Navigate to the Datalake Delete tab
  2. Select your object, enter necessary fields and filter, and then click Delete Selection.

Important Considerations

  1. A maximum of 10 records can be deleted in one transaction/call
  2. Depending on your GRAX version, certain storage formats will be targeted for deletion. Reach out to GRAX Support for more information.
  3. GRAX will not cascade delete records and will only target specific IDs.