Data Flow

Protecting Data with Modern Security Practices

This document is intended to illustrate the high-level ways that GRAX moves data around and communicates with system components. Note that this document is provided for informational purposes only.

NOTE: for all data related plots on this page, arrow direction doesn't imply connection direction, only data movement.

Backup Flow

Backing up data with GRAX means extracting data via the Salesforce API, processing it on the instance, and storing it in the attached storage bucket. Along the way, we use the DB for metadata tracking.

GRAX Backup Flow

Archive Flow

Archiving data is much the same as backing it up with the added step of deleting the records from Salesforce once complete.

GRAX Archive Flow


Point-in-Time Restore is a method of rolling records back to a previously backed up version in a bulk fashion. This means data is read from storage and put back into your Salesforce org.


Search (and Indexing) Flow

Search (and the indexing that supports it) exists to make finding your data simpler within GRAX. Data is first read from storage and indexed into the DB over time (after configuration is complete), and then a search request reads from that index.

GRAX Search Flow