Common Salesforce FAQ & Questions

GRAX Salesforce FAQ & Questions

Do you have GRAX product, Salesforce Backup, or Salesforce Platform Questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to the GRAX team or at [email protected].

Does GRAX utilize Salesforce Platform Events? No

Salesforce Platform Events do not support all objects needed by GRAX and Event Allocations are VERY limiting (when backing up ALL objects). Currently, GRAX Auto Backup captures Salesforce objects, Binary Files (Attachment, Content, Chatter Files, etc), and Salesforce system-tables. Data and binary files MUST be captured at the same rate/time or will lead to referential integrity or incompleteness of data. To fulfill our customers backup needs Salesforce Platform Events are NOT an option due to incomplete object support. If you have questions please reach out to the GRAX team.