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Archive and Restore jobs running simultaneously

Can you run an archive job and restore job simultaneously on the same object (Ex. Account)?

Do Restored Records Get a New Salesforce ID?

When archived data is restored, is a new Salesforce ID assigned or can you maintain the same Salesforce ID? How can GRAX identify that a duplicate of the original records already exists?

Restore depth

Hi there, If an object has a hierarchy depth of lets say 10. Can Grax restore it automatically, without any manual intervention?

Restore Inactive Users

What permissions do I need to restore data for an inactive user within Salesforce?

Restore Email Messages

What are the considerations around restoring the EmailMessage object? It seems Salesforce has some limitations and validations around this object.

How to Restore a record from GRAX Data Lake viewable via an External Object

Is there anyway to restore a record from the GRAX Data Lake that is viewable from an External Object?

How many API Calls are used when restoring records?

When I use the traditional "restore" button in Salesforce, how many API calls will this use?

Can you restore multiple records to a specific point in time?

I have been using GRAX object time machine and am able to restore a specific record to any point in time. Am I able to do this for multiple records in bulk? What different restore/recovery options do I have?

GRAX and Restoring to Salesforce Autonumber Field Types

When restoring with GRAX, what if we want to maintain the same value in an autonumber field, such as CaseNumber - is this possible? What are the considerations around backing up and restoring autonumber or Salesforce ID fields?

When restoring data how does GRAX know which related parent/child records to restore?