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Incremental jobs finishing with "Completed - Errors Sending Data"

Will unsuccessful records on my incremental job be picked up in the next job?

Error Message - Backup completed but not all files in storage

Backup completed, however, when we checked the S3 storage not all the files we expected were backed up. The GRAX logs showed the following error - Insert failed. First exception on Row 0; first error: STORAGE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED.

Change Salesforce Field Type

I changed one of my Salesforce object's field types and am now getting an error in my heroku logs when trying to run a backup, how can I address this?

My process has a status of "Completed - Errors sending data"

How can I troubleshoot this error that I see for a completed process?

Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded Error

I am seeing an apex CPU time limit error in my apex jobs page, how can I further troubleshoot?

Apex Heap Size Too Large Error

I'm seeing an 'Apex heap size too large' error in my apex jobs, how can I further troubleshoot?

Request Running Too Long Salesforce Apex Error

I am getting a Request Running Too Long error in the apex logs for my GRAX jobs. How can I best troubleshoot this Salesforce platform error.