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Archive and Restore jobs running simultaneously

Can you run an archive job and restore job simultaneously on the same object (Ex. Account)?

Archive Email Messages

When I select the `Case` object in an archive, I see 2 Email Message objects within the hierarchy...what is the difference?

Archive Salesforce Orders

Are there any considerations for archiving Salesforce orders to my datalake?

How does Archive work?

I've scheduled the Archival on Opportunities and due to some error opportunities were not archived, but the records related to opportunity were archived. If I want to restore them now I don't know which records were archived, is there a way that we can archive the complete set(parent and their children) only if there is no issue?

Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded Error

I am seeing an apex CPU time limit error in my apex jobs page, how can I further troubleshoot?

How many archive jobs, I can create per org

what's the limit archive jobs that I can have per org. - e.g. if I have 1000 objects, and I want to archive all object data with one batch job per object.

What are some common error scenarios and troubleshooting steps?

I see some backup jobs had errors, but how can I see more detail, troubleshoot, and resolve?

How do I monitor the backup / archive jobs?

I see there are several Salesforce apex jobs, what do they mean and how do can I best monitor the progress of my jobs?

How does the Rolling Date work for jobs?

Backup Speed / Benchmarks

How fast will my data be backed up? Does archiving take longer?