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Is a Salesforce security token required for my GRAX integration user?


Restore Inactive Users

What permissions do I need to restore data for an inactive user within Salesforce?

My process has a status of "Completed - Errors sending data"

How can I troubleshoot this error that I see for a completed process?

Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded Error

I am seeing an apex CPU time limit error in my apex jobs page, how can I further troubleshoot?

Apex Heap Size Too Large Error

I'm seeing an 'Apex heap size too large' error in my apex jobs, how can I further troubleshoot?

Restore Email Messages

What are the considerations around restoring the EmailMessage object? It seems Salesforce has some limitations and validations around this object.

Request Running Too Long Salesforce Apex Error

I am getting a Request Running Too Long error in the apex logs for my GRAX jobs. How can I best troubleshoot this Salesforce platform error.

When searching across multiple orgs, how do we identify what is the origin org for that record


Can we use formula date fields on object backup or just Hierarchy?

Converted Leads Behavior

What kind of behavior should I expect if I am backing up, archiving, or restoring converted Leads? I know Salesforce has some limitations and special considerations around converted Leads.

Using a custom formula date field in filter criteria for backup/archive process

Backing up Salesforce ID Fields

When I back up or archive Salesforce data, all the lookup fields are really ID's behind the scenes, but I also want the actual text values/names backed up, how can I achieve this?

Login URL To Use for GRAX

Should I use the standard Salesforce login URL or my custom my domain URL

Person Accounts and GRAX

What are the considerations are using person accounts with GRAX?


How does Archive Work?

How to Restore a record from GRAX Data Lake viewable via an External Object

Is there anyway to restore a record from the GRAX Data Lake that is viewable from an External Object?

How many archive jobs, I can create per org

what's the limit archive jobs that I can have per org. - e.g. if I have 1000 objects, and I want to archive all object data with one batch job per object.

How many API Calls are used when restoring records?

When I use the traditional "restore" button in Salesforce, how many API calls will this use?

Can backup data with different version rather than only latest version


Why do I see my data storage increase during a GRAX backup or archive?

When kicking off a large GRAX back up or archive, I notice that my data storage is increasing instead of decreasing.