GRAX for Salesforce v1.94

The notes here apply to GRAX for Salesforce versions 1.94 and higher


  • GRAX Backup/Archive Stats - When a backup/archive job is scheduled, and the setting “Notify User via Email when Process Completes” is true, a summary of the records backed up/archived from SF, new records inserted in the datalake, records updated in the datalake will be emailed to you.
  • GRAX Summary Link - On the GRAX Scheduled Process object the new field "GRAX Summary Link" will bring you to the stats of this Scheduled Process.
  • Object Progress % - On the GRAX Scheduled Process there is a new column for "Object Progress %" which shows the % complete for this specific object.


  • Enhanced Logging - Logs which are more for “informational purposes”, than true errors, have been removed.


  • added: GRAX Backup/Archive Stats
  • added: GRAX Summary Link
  • added: Object Progress %
  • added: Enhanced Logging
  • fixed: Additional Minor Fixes