GRAX for Salesforce v1.140

The notes here apply to GRAX for Salesforce versions 1.140 and higher


  • added Help Text for table/fields dropdowns
  • added Ability to resume a hierarchy process backup if it fails in the middle of the execution
  • added Filter Logic Added to Search page. Users now have the ability to select the "Filter Criteria" section to add complex, or simple "AND/OR" search functionality
  • improvements Updated and added filter logic to be the following on the Search page:
  • Equals (case-sensitive)
  • Not Equal to (case-sensitive)
  • Contains
  • Does not Contain
  • improvements Update the Support Form - There were duplicate field values
    • Updated language within the Status on a Hierarchy Process
  • improvements Styling on Lightning Component: When there are too many characters, which stretches the length of the column, we are displaying a "…" with the ability to hover over the column to see the rest of the text