GRAX 3.70

The notes here apply to GRAX versions 3.70 and higher

GRAX 3.70


The GRAX Virtual Appliance

Public beta of the GRAX Virtual Appliance (GXVA) is now available. The GRAX Virtual Appliance is the latest evolution of GRAX. Simply put, you can run GRAX inside your own public cloud infrastructure. Instead of having GRAX provision and manage the AWS infrastructure that is running behind the scenes, we can now reach into your AWS world and do that work for you there. This latest version of GRAX has been developed to solve some of the challenges that our bigger customers have been bringing to us. Click here to read the full announcement, and Click here to start exploring the full documentation. Reach out to the GRAX Support team if you're interested in learning more!


Single Record Restore

The new GRAX Single Record Restore component provides a powerful point-in-time restore capability to end users in Salesforce. Users will be able to quickly preview different versions against the current data in Salesforce and choose which fields to restore. Imagine loading an opportunity record and quickly seeing at a glance all the backed up versions of the opportunity to understand the rate of change, as well as preview data against the new live version to understand what exactly has changed. Finally, the user can restore all or restore only specific fields and their historical values. Click here to start exploring the documentation. Existing GRAX customers should reach out to their GRAX Support representative to get access to this new feature.


Archive Bulk API Support

Looking to leverage Salesforce's highly performant Bulk API to delete your data as part of a GRAX Archive process? Reach out to GRAX Support today to inquire about the beta feature. This can be especially helpful if you're looking to delete a single object that does not live within a complex hierarchy. There are various considerations when you're looking to archive data within your customized Salesforce environment, so if you have any questions, remember to check the best practices and feel free to schedule a call with the GRAX Support team to learn more.


Archive Default Date Filters

When creating a GRAX Archive, you will no longer see the Date filter option defaulted with today's start date and end date. You will need to proactively choose your filter and date options, before being allowed to Save.


Salesforce API Version

GRAX now leverages Salesforce API version 51, which among other things will allow backup for the AssessmentIndicatorDefinition object.


Search Fixes

Fixed issue where duplicate IDs were sometimes showing up in GRAX Search results.

Fixed issue with searching for ContentDocumentLinks.



Archive Estimation

The GRAX Archive tool provides users the ability to create complex filters that define very specific archive rules. GRAX Archive now includes the ability for you to estimate the number of records that a specific job would impact.


Archive Dry Run

Run the complete backup phase of your job to get the full picture of records that will be impacted by an Archive. Updated Archive Options now allow you to run the complete backup portion of the Archive Job, giving you the ability to get full record counts before the delete is processed.


Fix DateTime on Single Record Restore

An issue where rendering the date field in the Single Record Restore Lightning Web Component has been closed. Now, when previewing the field data it renders the correct date formatted string.


Fix Attachment Hierarchy in Archive

Now when you open an existing Archive Attachment or ContentVersion job for Edit, the hierarchy tree will load correctly.


Deprecated Support for CollaborationGroupRecord

CollaborationGroupRecord object type has been added to the list of Unsupported Objects for backup.



GRAX History Stream

The GRAX History Stream lets customers leverage the GRAX backup or Archived data as a data source for downstream consumption. This feature supplies a continuous export of data objects in Parquet format into your storage bucket.

See the GRAX History Stream documentation and contact your GRAX representative for details on how to get this in your org.


GRAX Virtual Appliance new Generally Available

GRAX can be operated as a SaaS appliance within your very own AWS infrastructure.

This feature is Generally Available in the 3.72 release

See the GRAX Virtual Appliance documentation


Archive BULK API Delete new Generally Available

GRAX Archive allows you to create a schedule that will capture the last version of record and then delete this record (and the related object tree) to reclaim this storage space in your Salesforce environment. This provides a much more predictable spend on Salesforce data storage and can help to improve performance of your Salesforce org.

This feature is Generally Available in the 3.72 release.

Specify you wish to use the Bulk API delete feature in the Archive Options section the Archive job configuration. Requires the Bulk API Hard Delete permission being applied to the GRAX Integration user.


GRAX Notifications

Recently Google Chrome was updated to remove support for Javascript Alerts and Confirmation popups in certain cross domain situations, such as the iFrames that GRAX uses in parts of the application to render the UI.

To support this enhancement, GRAX 3.72 in the Lightning UI now uses toast messages and modal windows for user feedback.


Salesforce V51.0 Apex update

The Salesforce version of the Apex Classes in the managed package has been updated to v51.0 to support backup of new objects in the Salesforce data model.


Single Record Restore Updates

The Single Record Restore component has had some minor fixes on display and restore function.


Archive Job Load Fix

When an archive job is loaded the related object hierarchy is loaded to allow the user control over what records are included in the archive. There was a UI bug with loading this control when an object with no relationships was selected for archive that is fixed with the 3.72 release.


Email on Backend Delete

When a user had enabled backend delete in their Archive Options the email notification flag was being ignored. This has been fixed with the 3.72 release.



Point-in-Time Restore

We're launching the next evolution in restoration technology: GRAX Point-in-Time Restore. With this latest feature, customers are empowered to restore changes en-masse to any point in time since the backup of their history began. GRAX Point-in-Time Restore is the next generation of fast, efficient record restoration for Salesforce when you need to restore hundreds of thousands of records at a time. All this in a sharp, easy-to-use, enhanced user interface as well.

Click here to read the full announcement, and click here to start exploring the full documentation.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in using this new feature.


History Stream Configuration

This enhanced console interface for History Stream allows your GRAX Administrator to easily and quickly select which objects you want to enable for History Stream while also viewing the aggregate stats/metrics of processes ran for different objects. This makes it easy for the Admin to quickly view which objects have enabled History Stream within GRAX. Click here for more information.


GRAX Console

With the GRAX Console, customers can leverage the latest features, such as Point-in-Time Restore and History Stream, through an updated, streamlined experience in the user interface. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information on joining this exciting pilot.


Support for Archiving Orders via SOQL

Added support for archiving the Order object via SOQL query


Support For Archiving Tag Objects

Added support for including tag objects in archive hierarchy


Permission Set Updates

Added the ability to search GRAX system fields for the GRAX - Datahub Search Permission. More information on this permission set here.


Enhancements to Activity Estimates for Archives

When using the GRAX Estimate button during archive job configuration, the estimates will now automatically include Salesforce-archived activities (i.e. tasks and events).


Profiles Cannot be Restored

Clarified inability to restore the Profile object, as this is not supported by Salesforce.


Fix Issue Previewing Attachments in Related View

When using the hierarchy view within the GRAX related list component in order to further navigate one more level down, specifically to preview attachments, there were sometimes browser-related errors being thrown. This has been fixed.