GRAX 3.60

The notes here apply to GRAX versions 3.60 and higher



Enhanced Archives

GRAX is now utilizing an enhanced and more efficient API architecture to conduct your archive jobs. Please reach out to GRAX Support for more information on whether you are eligible for enablement. This is a great time to review the guides on archives, best practices, and permissions, as these all contain key information you should understand before kicking off archive jobs.


Navigation Enhancements

You'll notice that some of the labels and navigation have been improved on the Schedule tab. This will allow you to more efficiently get all relevant information for Backup and Archive jobs in one place. Take a look at the details here.


History Object Backups

You can now back up your history objects with GRAX! Use the Backup Type dropdown when creating a new backup job and you'll see History as an option assuming you have field history tracking enabled. Be sure to read through the details here.


GRAX Intro Salesforce Tab

Previously, when you clicked into the GRAX Salesforce app, you would be defaulted to a GRAX Intro tab. This tab has been deprecated. Upgrading customers may still see the tab; if so, you will see instructions on how to remove it safely from your Salesforce environment if you'd like.


Restore All

Fixed issue with the Restore All button on the Search tab.


Search Filters

Fixed issue with including quotes within the Search filters.



Delete Tracking

GRAX now tracks records deleted in your Salesforce org! Up until now, the only deleted records GRAX tracked were those deleted via a GRAX archive process. But now you'll automatically have an hourly process that runs and looks for any records that were deleted, and if these records exist in GRAX, will be flagged as Deleted. Learn more here.


Archive SOQL Filter

Fixes issue with archive jobs that are using advanced SOQL feature. If a user edited a job and included line breaks between the from and where statement of the SOQL query, the where criteria would be ignored. No changes are required to existing or new jobs after this update.