GRAX 3.50

The notes here apply to GRAX versions 3.50 and higher



Enhanced Backups

GRAX is now utilizing the Bulk & REST API to back up your data. These two Salesforce methods are the fastest and most efficient way for GRAX to back up your data and minimize the usage of your Salesforce limits. For more information, click here.


GRAX File Adapter

Enhanced version of how to back up your File records (Attachments, ContentDocuments, EventLogFiles). More efficient and reliable method to backing up your Files from Storage while still being able to preview these records in GRAX. For more information, click here.


Polymorphic Search Support

The Search tab now supports polymorphic lookup fields, as you will see the proper value depending on the related object.


Sandbox Refresh

You find updated updated guidance around how to handle GRAX for Salesforce sandbox refreshes. The key is to go into the refreshed sandbox and update the configuration.


Archive Permissions

The user running an archive job (either the scheduled apex job user or the running user in the event it is executed manually on-demand) must have all relevant permissions (specifically delete access to all objects involved). If this is not the case, you will now see a INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_OR_READONLY error message on the relevant GDRIs.


Search Tab Filtering

Fixed issue with filtering on boolean fields in the Search tab.



API Object Name in Search Dropdown

In the GRAX Search tab, the object dropdown will now show the Salesforce object label as well as API name.


Enhanced Parent Filter Support for Lightning Related List Component

The lightning related list component now supports use of the Parent Field Name filter for ContentVersion object. Click here for more


File Preview Permissions

Fixed issue with file previews failing for non GRAX admins




Enhanced backup support for SetupAuditTrail object


Lightning Related List Component Filters

Fixed issue with query filter functionality on the lightning related list component