GRAX 2.0

The notes here apply to GRAX versions 2.0 and higher



Advanced Audit

The new Advanced Audit tab will allow you to take GRAX Time Machine to the next level. In addition to viewing and filtering on the change event metadata, easily incorporate underlying field values into your view for full transparency of changes to your data.



Enhanced Query Support for Single Object on Object Backup(s) Process

When creating an Object Backup(s), you may have noticed the only filter options were CreatedDate and LastModifiedDate, because these fields are common across all objects. Now, you'll have the ability for more dynamic filter options, when selecting a single object on the object backup page. Use the new toggle to indicate that you only want to select a single object, and you will now have full access to the Date, Report, and Advanced (SOQL) querying capabilities.


Load Hierarchy On Demand

Previously, whenever you wanted to edit a hierarchy process, you needed to wait for the entire hierarchy to load. This was done to ensure data integrity for our customers, however, GRAX has heard your comments and made the necessary modifications. You are now able to edit the Schedule Process without waiting for the hierarchy to load.

Now when you edit a hierarchy process, the hierarchy will not load by default. You can click the hierarchy button in that section to load the hierarchy on demand in order to update the selections here.


Custom SOQL Query Support

You no longer have to decide between filtering a job on a Date field (faster, but you need to create Date formula workaround fields) or a Report (more flexible queries, but does not support more than 250k records per report).

When setting up your hierarchy process or object backup(s) you can now select the Advanced toggle and enter a custom SOQL query. We recommend only leveraging this option if you are an Advanced Admin with knowledge of SOQL. Note that subqueries are not currently supported and you should always try to use indexed fields for best results.


Salesforce Connect / External Data Source Free Text Search Expressions

You can now enable Use Free-Text Search Expressions within your external data source settings. This will bypass some inherent limitations in Salesforce's OData adapter, and thus make global searching on external objects more efficient.

See here for more information


Set Number of Records to Delete for Archives

By default, GRAX will delete 500 records per batch during an archive hierarchy process. We recognize that some Salesforce environments are very heavily customized and attempting to delete 500 records at a time may lead to cascading triggers and CPU timeouts based on Salesforce's imposed limits. Now, when you are setting up your hierarchy process, if you toggle the Archive option, you will have the ability to lower the number of records that GRAX will delete for each batch. Note this will slow down the time it takes to complete the archive/deletes.


Advanced Summary Tab Enhancements

The Advanced subtab within the Summary tab now more clearly guides you through how you can filter all the summary statistics on your Schedule Processes from a high level to very granular.


Person Account Enhancements

Consolidated all person accounts within the main Account dropdown in the Search tab and in other areas where you are viewing GRAX data. Thus, by default when you retrieve all accounts you will also see person accounts. You can filter down to only see person accounts if you'd like.


Restore Converted Leads

GRAX now supports restoring converted leads. Salesforce imposes various limitations on the insertion of converted leads, so please review the detailed recommendations if this use case applies to you.



Attachment Processing

When running a job that contains Salesforce files/attachments, there is now a robust retry mechanism that will limit failures that previously would occur if Salesforce/Heroku was down and GRAX was unable to successfully download/upload the binary.


Visibility of Settings

GRAX has hidden certain GRAX settings/variables that were previously available to Admins in the Configuration tab.


GRAX Install on Shield Environment

Installs on certain shield-enabled environments were failing if certain fields used in test classes were encrypted. Resolved this issue.


Execution Key(s)

Ensure the system field for GRAX Execution Key(s) on each index has all unique keys from backups. This will make it easier to troubleshoot / filter within Kibana and search for specific backup/archives within the Summary tab.


Restoring EmailMessage Object

Addressed Salesforce limitations around required fields when restoring EmailMessage records.


Salesforce Cascade Delete Fix

Given Salesforce does a system cascade delete on some parent/child combinations, GRAX will not attempt to delete the child, and let Salesforce do its system cascade delete, in order to improve delete efficiency. This behavior was added for OpportunityTeamMember and OpportunitySplit objects.


Restore Email

Fixed link issue on email template used to notify user after a restore process.


Miscellaneous Fixes

Other minor fixes to improve overall user experience